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Fast Food on Keto


If you have not heard of the ketogenic diet, or keto, it is a low carb, high fat diet that helps with rapid weight loss. One of the downsides of it is that it is very challenging to maintain when you are on the road or not able to get to your kitchen for several hours. It is difficult to grab a chicken salad or some chicken wings when you are at your son’s baseball game. Let’s go over some option for keto snacks while you are on the go.

The first step is if you are going to commit to the ketogenic diet you must prepare yourself. If you know you are going to be busy all day make sure to pack some snacks. Some cheese sticks or almonds make for a great option to hold you over for a couple hours before you get somewhere you can have an entire meal.

Another thing to consider is coffee. While coffee is not food, it is an excellent appetite suppressant. Even better if you are able to add some grass fed butter and some heavy whipping cream to your coffee this turns it into bulletproof coffee. This has from 300 to 600 calories in, depending on how much you add and it can have the staying power of a meal.

One option that many people make the mistake of ruling out is fast food. There are many great fast food keto options. From bunless burgers to salads, there are some great options. For instance, you can go to McDonald’s and get three or four McDoubles for a very reasonable price. Simply throw away the bun and there you go. That is a keto friendly meal that will allow you to go several hours before you need anything else to eat. Check out this website for more info on keto fast food.

There are snacks you can get in a gas station or convenience store to hold you over. Grab a small bag of almonds or peanuts. You will be good to go for a couple hours if you do that.

Now that you have some great snack options, you have no excuse as to why you can’t stay in a state of ketosis while you are having a busy day.

Prebiotic Benefits

Inulin not only helps ease constipation it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease while working as a sweetener for foods heightening its standing as the perfect food. The Food & Drug Administration has indicated that inulin is Generally Recognized as Safe pointing out that it is safe to  eat though not in inordinate amounts. Inulin fiber is an oligosaccharide that is found in many types of plants such as asparagus and is easily incorporated into your diet. By acting as a prebiotic inulin fiber increases calcium absorption  decreasing the chances of osteoperosis through stimulation of your intestinal microbes.

Prebiotic fibers are critical to your health in that they provide food for microbes within your intestines and as a result they alter your microbial composition. Consuming prebiotics can create feelings of satiety after a meal and make it easier for you to diet. While inulin will not necessarily lead to weight reduction it most likely will make the process something that you can strive for with minimal effort. These organisms release nutrients into your intestines which changes your hormones helping you to feel healthier.

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Not only their impact on reducing obesity but also measures of stress are manifestations of the benefits of prebiotics in an ordinary diet. All types of nutrients especially fiber pass through our small intestine and our digestive systems try to break them down so our entire body ecologies can have their fill. While probiotics have been popularized especially through yogurt the benefits of prebiotics are  for the most part are  yet to be popularized. Prebiotic intake has been researched has been well-researched and the impact has been shown to be positive in a variety of measures.

Prebiotics such as asparagus or spinach have been known to help reduce nervousness by calming down the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis which has a host of positive side effects especially for individual with high anxiety. The HPA axis helps to regulate your body’s ability to tax itself by increasing the level of cortisol a chemical that tells your body to increase its blood sugar level but leading to an uptake in your metabolic rate. Cortisol directs your body’s stress level and is secreted by your adrenal glands as directed by your amygdala when something adds anxiety to your security.

There is presently significant possibility in finding new ways to develop ways assist bacterial targets. New species of bacteria are being studied as new candidates for probiotics to be commercially produced. Well-designed investigations may show new ideas and help them to be acceptable by regulators and by the scientific community. Further research ideas continue to be discovered showing new method for delivering prebiotics.

Prebiotic supplements are healthy foods that help to feed bacteria living within your gut. They aid in defending against diseases in addition to  inordinate weight gain. As you take probiotics you are adding good bacteria to your intestine’s  already present population of flora. These microbes are important for your microbial ecosystem’s nourishment since they sustain essential vitamins and nutrients.

Diabetes occurs when your body is unable to produce insulin leading to the inability to process carbohydrates and abnormal metabolism. The relationship between diabetes and probiotics has much potential for future in-depth research yet many researchers are hopeful that further research may prove fruitful. It may be that prebiotic fiber can decrease the risk of having diabetes by altering your metabolites. By impacting your gut flora your bacteria may allow your body to improve its ability to break down food especially those linked to diabetes and this has the potential to benefit your metabolism.

Researchers have shown that prebiotics have surprising and positive side effects  and may aid in weight loss plus help you to destress. Members of the scientific community believe there is a strong likelihood that inulin fibers may prove to reduce degenerative dietary processes that increase the likelihood of weight gain. Intestinal denizens are a critical component of your intestines as they work with your digestive system. The process through which prebiotics bring about major improvements in your digestive processes lies in how they impact your digestive system through your your intestinal tract.


Let us review some cases of various sources of prebiotics: -leeks -cold rice -onion -dandelion greens -spinach. Everyday ingredients such as these provide a healty prebiotic called inulin which is an oligosaccharide that is well-documented and commonly found. As we described above inulin is a long-chain polymer that is not easy to decompose and is thus difficult to break apart and travel into the end of your digestive system. Once it makes it here it can serve as supplies for the bacteria living here giving rise to a flourishing of your microbiome.

Microbial cells decompose inulin leaving short-chain fatty acids which are extremely important in helping you to live a healthy diet by decreasing the incidence of digestive diseases. When they get the most helpful foods the cells in your intestines then bloom and give off key ingredients to your digestive system giving you important benefits. If you do not consume important fibers taking probiotics will not have an effect on your gut and help your microbial ecosystem because they do not have the right ingredients. When you eat unhealthy foods such as pizza may be hard to resist however they are not necessarily as good for you or as lifegiving to your microbiome bananas or onion since they lack prebiotic ingredients.

Microbiota are typically found in ordinary foods however they are not acknowledged as being there. For example fermentation  has been around throughout human history as the key method set the stage to create a number of foods. Fermented foods provide a satisfying way to  take in healthy microbes that bestow your microbial ecosystem with many health benefits. Through fermentation bacteria make new types of foods such as yogurt or sauerkraut which can be purchased at your local grocer.

These bacteria also help to decomposing waste in your body and beyond in the  environment. By protecting us from harmful  compounds bacteria may decrease the harm we face in our environment. Microbes living on you defend your health from unwanted guests and are good for you. Bacilli degrade harmful compounds and in doing so act as a defense against pathogens.

The amount of fiber in food will be differentiated quite significantly  by culture and customary foods yet it is evident that most people eat it in some form or another. They support the good bacteria that together populate your microbial ecosystem and give numerous key ingredients for your health. Eating inulin is a straightforward and cost-effective supplement that can help to boost your fiber intake to appropriate amounts with little effort. Inulin fibers are difficult to break down and thus they are able to travel to your large intestine where they serve as food for the flora living therein.

Heart disease occurs because of the addition of hardened plaque in the walls of blood arteries. Cardiovascular disease is the cause of a number of diseases and can lead to heart attack and death yet a healthy lifestyle can help to avert this. Prebiotics have been proven to lower heart disease by feeding microbes which directly reduce cholesterol. As a result we can conclude we can take from this is that prebiotics and probiotics would be helpful if included into an ordinary diet.

Being overweight can lead to diabetes among other things but worst part is that it can  easily be avoided. A number of patients suffer from some form of obesity-linked illness and this can create negative impacts on their lifestyle. Lower prebiotic consumption in today’s society may be contributing to a sharp rise in obesity levels since the weight reducing  side effects of prebiotics  are not as pervasive. There are a large number of weight loss methods on the market but most weight loss seekers inevitably  fail. Prebiotic fiber help in dieting because they assist in giving you a feeling of fullness as a biproduct of their consumption.


Diet and Food Affect Your Blood Pressure

If you are struggling with high blood pressure or heart disease there are many ways you can modify your diet and start to live a more health conscience lifestyle. The first thing you should do is try a Vegetarian diet. In this diet you will get many of the following:

* Calcium
* Magnesium
* Vitamin A & C
* Potassium
* Complex Carbohydrates
* Polyunsaturated Fat
* Fiber

All of these can have a great influence on your blood pressure.

Sugar can act as an aggravate, especially the common table sugar sucrose. Try to limit your intake of this. A diet high in fiber has been proven effective in lowering blood pressure; this diet will also help you reduce your cholesterol levels and even promote weight loss.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is very important as well. Any diet that includes consuming fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy foods and is low in total fat, cholesterol and saturated fat has proven to be effective in controlling

Many people use more salt than they are aware of. Maybe because some of us are just used to automatically salting our food unaware if it was salted when being cooked. (If eating out) Reducing your salt intake will also help immensely.

A diet high in potassium and low in sodium reduces your blood pressure rise by reducing the effect of adrenaline. If you reduce your sodium intake you must also increase your potassium intake.

There are some vegetables and spices that help control your blood pressure. Many of these are very common vegetables and spices so you may be helping your blood pressure and not even know it.

Onions’ essential oil is very beneficial. If you have two to three tablespoons of this essential onion oil a day, it could help reduce your systolic levels. Tomatoes are also a beneficiary to controlling blood pressure. They are high in GABA, a compound that helps control hypertension.

Broccoli has also been proven to benefits patients with heart disease, and carrots also have many compounds that do the same. Introducing these vegetables to your diet will do wonders for your heart. Even if you don’t suffer from heart disease or hypertension, it’s best to keep it at a safe level and take the extra precautions to get there.

Garlic and celery are also great to add to your diet. Garlic is good for the heart which you’ve probably been told before. Eating just one clove of garlic a day has been proven to be beneficial.

Whatever diet you choose or whatever foods you try to limit, remember you are doing it for your health. Many people learn to enjoy healthier foods as they get older. If you have any questions or concerns about your blood pressure get with your doctor. They will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have. Taking care of your health is very important and will make you feel much better.

Why The Alkaline Diet And Cancer Is An Ideal Solution

As a result of the epidemic of cancer that has broken out in recent years, there have been great strides made in where cancer originated, how it grows in the body and how effective alkaline diet and cancer regime has become. The definition of cancer allows the patient to have some control in the prevention and battle of cancer cells. By sticking to a primarily alkaline diet, this reduces, and actually quenches, the production of cancer and other diseases. Because of this, an alkaline diet has been found to prevent disease, while an acidic diet encourages disease and cancer to grow.

When you take the definition of cancer simply, it is ‘a malformed cell.’ This malformed cell can only reproduce malformed cells, and since the human body reproduces tens of thousands of cells daily, the answer is to stop that reproduction. The best defense then is a good offense, and that is what an alkaline diet does as it feeds the good cells, while choking out the disease.

The foods that are taken into the body typically come from two categories – foods that produce an acidic environment and foods that produce an alkaline environment. If you are taking a large quantity of medicines, this might cause your system to lean more towards the acidic, but it can be counteracted by consuming more alkaline-producing foods.

An alkaline diet is generally made up of alkaline-producing foods, so that the pH level is brought to a level of around 7.4. If you search online there are alkaline/acidic charts of all the foods. If you are just beginning this diet, make a copy of the chart and carry it with you when you shop or go out to eat. In general, stay away from processed foods, fast foods fried in trans fat, any food made with white sugar or white flour, and all foods with chemicals and steroids. These foods all feed cancer cells. If this is what your diet is made up of, check the alkaline food list and see what to be eating now.

Foods on that are alkaline-producing are vegetables, seeds, most fruits, brown rice and other grains, and fish. These foods can be mixed and matched to your own preference for at least 80% of your total diet, and then you add 20% of the acidic-producing foods, and the acidic foods are not all “bad”. Foods on the acidic side are whole grain breads, lean meats, milk and milk products, butter and eggs, and this adds up to make an 100% alkaline diet.

To monitor your pH level once you have gotten started on an alkaline diet and cancer fighting way of eating, check any health food store for pH strips or litmus paper. There will be a color chart included to use and determine what your pH blood level is. For an alkaline system, it should register between 7.2 – 7.8. No two people are alike, so test your pH level about once a day as you get started. Then continue to check once a week. If you need to raise your pH level, eat more alkaline foods and use green supplements. An alkaline diet will prevent disease natura

Low Sugar Diet and Food Combining for Optimal Digestion

When concentrated carbohydrates are combined with other foods, digestive difficulties can occur. These foods require very little time for digestion and leave the stomach very quickly. In the presence of other foods containing protein and fat they are forced to remain in the stomach for a much longer period. This results in fermentation as the sugars combine with bacteria and gas is created. The end result is digestive inefficiency and metabolic disturbance.

In a weekly diet program the majority of meals should consist of foods from a selection of complex carbohydrates, concentrated proteins and fats. The high sugar foods should be eaten alone and preferably in moderation and not on a regular basis.

Food Combining Diet Program


Fresh fruit OR
Raisin toast with apricot preserves OR
Scrambled eggs with wholegrain toast and tomato OR
Oatmeal with soy milk and walnuts


Salad with tuna, chicken, egg or cheese OR
Salad sandwich with above foods on wholegrain bread OR
Grain or bean salads with oil based salad dressing OR
Wholegrain crackers with cottage cheese, tomato and cucumber


Meat, poultry or fish with vegetables OR
Stir fry vegetables with chicken/tofu and brown rice OR
Whole grain pasta with pesto sauce and vegetables
Soup with vegetables and beans and/or chicken

Snacks – choose from:

Fruit eaten alone.
Plain yogurt.
Protein shakes.
Raw nuts or seeds.
Boiled egg.
Raw carrot/celery sticks.
Vegetable juices.
Hummus or cheese with rice cakes or whole grain crackers and tomato.


Should be eaten alone and preferably three hours after meals. This includes all fruits.

If eating desserts it is best to choose those that do not contain refined sweeteners or with a high fat content. Due to their effects on blood sugar control it is best that these foods be severely limited.