Health Risks Associated With Breast Implants


Are breast implants safe?

There are several people who think that these implants are safe, but there are health risks that are associated with them. You should know these risks so that you can make a wise decision about these implants.

If you are going to get a breast implant, then go to an expert who will perform the procedure safely and properly. Otherwise, natural methods and  cream like Brestrogen is a safer option to enhance your boobs.

Health Risks Associated With Breast Implants.

1. Local Complications

There are some complications that you might get after getting these implants. They can either be serious or minor complications. For example, you might get toxic shock syndrome that is caused by an infection. This syndrome may start gangrene.

There are other complications that you might experience. These include loss of sensation, your breast getting hard, pain in your breast, and scarring. These are not life threatening but they will affect your life. You will not feel comfortable and these complications can force you to go for an additional surgery.

2. Rupturing of the Breast Implant

Do you know that breasts implants break?

You will see that these implants rapture and you will be forced to replace or remove them. If you don’t want them to break, then replace them after sometime. You will reduce the chances of the implant breaking when you replace it earlier.

There are other implants, such as saline, that get deflated quickly. Silicone might leak out from the silicone gel implants so you need to remove them early to reduce the chances of the silicone leaking out. The gel will drift out of the breast area if the silicone leaks out.

3. Increase Autoimmune Diseases

There are some studies that have shown that women who have had breast augmentations increase the chances of getting autoimmune diseases. These diseases are usually caused by the breast implants. There are some women who are allergic to these implants so the implants will affect their health.

These women will see a lot of changes in their bodies after getting an implant.

Silicone implants has reduced the risk of getting diseases. Most of women are not allergic to silicon. Therefore, their health will not be affected.

4. Breast Cancer

Breast implants delay the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Doctors find it hard to see the mammography image of a tumor. Therefore, if you have a tumor in your breast, the doctors will not see it early. You will not be treated early and this will lead to complications. The tumor will grow and this will lead to breast cancer.

The breast implant does not cause cancer, but it prevents the early detection of a tumor. If the tumor is detected early, you will be treated and you will reduce the chances of getting breast cancer.

Are breast implants safe?

If you are still asking yourself this question, then the health risks above should give you the right answer. Now you know the health risks associated with these implants.