Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements as the name suggest are made from natural herbs often mixed with other elements. The peculiar thing about herbal supplements is that there are no artificial or synthetic ingredients involved in the creation of such supplements. Due to this, the side effects from herbal supplements are rare.

Herbs have been used for medicinal purpose since ancient times and they were very effective. Even today herbal medicine has a distinct place and many people prefer it. Some people doubt about the effectiveness of herbal supplement or medicine because they think there is no science involved behind these supplements. This is incorrect since there is indeed science behind creating herbal supplements. There is extensive research involved before selecting aherb.

Let’s look at some popular herbs and their benefits,

Ginseng- It has multiple health benefits like treating erectile dysfunction, lowering cholesterol, increasing energy levels etc.

Tribulusterrestris- This herb is primarily known for boosting testosterone level in men. By boosting testosterone production, this herb helps in manydifferent biological processes in men. Studies indicate that this herb works better than hormone replacement therapy.

Fenugreek- It is commonly used in daily cooking and is full of antioxidants. The primary benefits of fenugreek include relief from constipation, reduction in inflammation & increase in libido.

There are different types of herbal supplements meant for specific purpose. For instance, if you need a supplement for boosting testosterone then you should choose a supplement which contains herbs known to boost testosterone. Here is an example of one such product by Testogen, read Testogen review. It contains all the above 3 herbs plus other nutrients for increasing testosterone in body.

Why herbal products are considered as alternate medicine?

The answer is straightforward, there is no international governing body for herbal supplementary products like mainstream medicine. So, there are no standards or strict norms to be followed for herbal products. This can be both good and bad. It’s good in a way that there are no prescriptions needed for herbal supplements and you can buy them over the counter. However, this also leads to fake products coming into market which can have serious side effects.

The key here is to do proper research about a herbal product, look for reviews online and then buy it.

Are herbal supplements better than other types of supplements?

Unfortunately, this question doesn’t have a uniform answer as it depends on the product. Some herbal supplements have proven to be much more effective than other chemical based ones. While in other cases, they have been a failure. Mainstream medicine can’t be replaced as it is more advanced than herbal science. But, if you combine the two then you have a winning product.

Hence, these days there are more and more products in market based on herbal ingredients mixed with other elements.