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3 Tips For Your Kids To Reduce Toxic Exposure


We all want our kids to be healthy but the truth is that they get exposed to a variety of chemicals on a daily basis. The surprising thing is that most of these chemicals are found in our homes. They often hide in products that we have never suspected of having a harmful side effect. But no need to worry – here are three tips to keep your kids safe.

1. Personal Care Products

It is important for your kids’ health to maintain their hygiene, but even though conventional personal care products keep us clean, the cleanliness comes at a price. Most products on the market are packed with ingredients that have been linked to cancer. This even applies to brands that have built up a reputation for being appropriate for babies and young children.

This is why you should watch out for terms like “natural” or “safe” because they can be misleading. There is no standardized regulation or official seal for products that claim to be natural. This is why most brands that seek to build a “green” image, contain only a small number of ingredients that were derived from truly natural sources. The bulk of the formula consists of chemical substances just like conventional products.

The safest solution is to choose personal care products that are certified organic. Products that include only certified organic ingredients and that are regulated by a third party are your best choice to keep toxic ingredients away from your kids.

2. Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth is an important part of human hygiene, but conventional toothpaste includes many ingredients that should make you worried. While your kiddos are scrubbing away on those pearly whites they also expose themselves to a number of dangerous ingredients because toothpastes contain fluoride, sulfates, artificial sweeteners, and even food dyes that are all harmful to your kids’ health.

The better option to conventional tooth paste is to opt for a natural alternative without these dangerous ingredients. This will decrease your children’s exposure to dangerous substances.

3. Cleaning Products

Having a clean house is important to prevent your kids from breathing in dust, but just as with personal care products there are some things you need to watch out for. Conventional household cleaning products don’t just help you keep your home clean, they also include some of the harshest chemicals found in consumer products.

Some of their ingredients have been associated with cancer, hormone disruption, neurotoxicity and asthma among other diseases. To keep your kids safe you can either make your own cleaners or you can choose natural alternatives.

A good example is dishwashing liquid that was made with purely safe ingredients. If you are doing your dishes with a product that does not use harsh chemicals your dishes will still get shiny and clean but they will not be covered with chemical residue that mixes in with your kids’ food the next time they eat. When it comes to your kids, safety comes first and for that natural products are your best choice.

Following these three steps is a solid starting point for reducing your kids’ exposure to toxic chemicals and will help them stay healthy and strong.

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Fast Food on Keto


If you have not heard of the ketogenic diet, or keto, it is a low carb, high fat diet that helps with rapid weight loss. One of the downsides of it is that it is very challenging to maintain when you are on the road or not able to get to your kitchen for several hours. It is difficult to grab a chicken salad or some chicken wings when you are at your son’s baseball game. Let’s go over some option for keto snacks while you are on the go.

The first step is if you are going to commit to the ketogenic diet you must prepare yourself. If you know you are going to be busy all day make sure to pack some snacks. Some cheese sticks or almonds make for a great option to hold you over for a couple hours before you get somewhere you can have an entire meal.

Another thing to consider is coffee. While coffee is not food, it is an excellent appetite suppressant. Even better if you are able to add some grass fed butter and some heavy whipping cream to your coffee this turns it into bulletproof coffee. This has from 300 to 600 calories in, depending on how much you add and it can have the staying power of a meal.

One option that many people make the mistake of ruling out is fast food. There are many great fast food keto options. From bunless burgers to salads, there are some great options. For instance, you can go to McDonald’s and get three or four McDoubles for a very reasonable price. Simply throw away the bun and there you go. That is a keto friendly meal that will allow you to go several hours before you need anything else to eat. Check out this website for more info on keto fast food.

There are snacks you can get in a gas station or convenience store to hold you over. Grab a small bag of almonds or peanuts. You will be good to go for a couple hours if you do that.

Now that you have some great snack options, you have no excuse as to why you can’t stay in a state of ketosis while you are having a busy day.

Health Risks Associated With Breast Implants


Are breast implants safe?

There are several people who think that these implants are safe, but there are health risks that are associated with them. You should know these risks so that you can make a wise decision about these implants.

If you are going to get a breast implant, then go to an expert who will perform the procedure safely and properly. Otherwise, natural methods and  cream like Brestrogen is a safer option to enhance your boobs.

Health Risks Associated With Breast Implants.

1. Local Complications

There are some complications that you might get after getting these implants. They can either be serious or minor complications. For example, you might get toxic shock syndrome that is caused by an infection. This syndrome may start gangrene.

There are other complications that you might experience. These include loss of sensation, your breast getting hard, pain in your breast, and scarring. These are not life threatening but they will affect your life. You will not feel comfortable and these complications can force you to go for an additional surgery.

2. Rupturing of the Breast Implant

Do you know that breasts implants break?

You will see that these implants rapture and you will be forced to replace or remove them. If you don’t want them to break, then replace them after sometime. You will reduce the chances of the implant breaking when you replace it earlier.

There are other implants, such as saline, that get deflated quickly. Silicone might leak out from the silicone gel implants so you need to remove them early to reduce the chances of the silicone leaking out. The gel will drift out of the breast area if the silicone leaks out.

3. Increase Autoimmune Diseases

There are some studies that have shown that women who have had breast augmentations increase the chances of getting autoimmune diseases. These diseases are usually caused by the breast implants. There are some women who are allergic to these implants so the implants will affect their health.

These women will see a lot of changes in their bodies after getting an implant.

Silicone implants has reduced the risk of getting diseases. Most of women are not allergic to silicon. Therefore, their health will not be affected.

4. Breast Cancer

Breast implants delay the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Doctors find it hard to see the mammography image of a tumor. Therefore, if you have a tumor in your breast, the doctors will not see it early. You will not be treated early and this will lead to complications. The tumor will grow and this will lead to breast cancer.

The breast implant does not cause cancer, but it prevents the early detection of a tumor. If the tumor is detected early, you will be treated and you will reduce the chances of getting breast cancer.

Are breast implants safe?

If you are still asking yourself this question, then the health risks above should give you the right answer. Now you know the health risks associated with these implants.

Low Cost Employee Wellness Program Ideas


Employers are in a never ending battle against balancing the finances and keeping overheads as low as possible. One of the most important overheads relates to employees. Just paying them their salaries is not enough sometimes, although it can be considered an option. Hiring talent or retaining existing talent works better when the employees know and notice that they are being cared for, rather than just being compensated for their job. And this is where benefits take hold.

Benefits can be in numerous forms, but even providing benefits can provide costly to many employers; especially when they are engaged in keeping the overhead costs down. Wellness programs seem to be the most beneficial for employees. It has been found that these programs enhance the employees’ productivity by augmenting their physical and psychological well-being.

These programs are quite cost-effective too, which means it won’t put a big hole in your company’s budget. So let’s look at some of the low cost employee wellness plans.

Medical welfare -

Hospitals are very expensive for treatment. And it’s doubly expensive when the employer needs to pay for the health insurance premiums. Although health insurance is a necessity in some places, the health insurance premiums can at least curtailed to some extent by offering some cheap remedies in the work environment. Examples include meditation, yoga, chair massages, etc. Even discounts under corporate membership schemes can be an attractive option.

A workout area or onsite gym in the office is also a good idea to have employees exercise and avail its benefits. If the capital expense is not an option, complimentary or corporate gym or club memberships can be passed on to the employees. When they care about their physical fitness, the need for medical attention for health disorders reduces quite a bit.

Having some greenery in the office can help get rid of stale, carbon dioxide rich air and replace it with oxygenated, fresh air. This will also help improve their overall health and aid quick recoveries.

Ergonomic chairs and desktops can be another way to keep the long term medical benefits of a relaxed body in context. The working environment should be efficiently lit, to prevent problems concerning eyesight of the employees.

If you have a catering system or snack machines, keeping low fat, low-calorie food on the menu can help balance skipped meals or irregular eating habits.

There are some insurance companies who provide subsidised pension plans as well as healthcare cover as group policies. These are quite flexible and allow employees to join up with equal and active participation from the employers.

Reduce stress  -

Workloads and stress are interrelated. However, workloads cannot be adjusted without hampering overall productivity. But stress can be reduced, without spending a fortune on treating the related disorders.

Allocate entertainment zones or stress-free areas where your employees can relax when they are under pressure or are experiencing crunch time. You can have arcade games, some consoles and video games as well as some TVs in there. The employees can let go of their stress and vent out their frustration.

Annual trips to health spas and overseas conferences can be a great boost to fight the monotony of the place. These trips can be combined with professional seminars and award ceremonies to boost your employee satisfaction and increase their professional skill at the same time. If you add a wellness fair to it, it’s even better because that’s when the employees would be the most receptive towards advice, apparently.

Reward schemes and incentives can also work wonders. Not only do these improve the morale of the employees affected, but it actually converts the employee into turning the stressful job into a productive one. Now if you could extend this program to health and wellness, the employees will be motivated to keep themselves in shape, so to say, and reap the rewards.

There are even more options that can help you cut costs on welfare while still making it available to the people who keep your organisation running smoothly, like intricate cogs in a well-oiled machine. In your case, the oil is the welfare that keeps these cogs running without friction.

How an Online Doctor Vvisit Works


Access to the advice of a medical professional has never been as easy as it is today, with the advent of telemedicine. An online doctor visit has a high-speed internet connection that allows people to quickly speak with a board-certified physician and ask about everyday health problems. There’s no need to sit around in a doctor’s office waiting to be seen. A doctor will be readily available, allowing you to discuss your concerns in a much more timely manner than a traditional visit from the comfort and convenience of home or from anywhere.

Benefits of Having an Online Doctor Visit

An Online Doctor visit also known as Telemedicine allow patients who may have limited mobility to discuss their questions with a physicians online. Elderly individuals who don’t always have easy access to transportation don’t have to wait in order to ask a doctor about a problem. They can schedule a consultation and find out what’s going on with their health much faster.

Telemedicine is also an excellent option for families that are already dealing with tough schedules. It can be hard to deal with one sick kid while trying to get another to school. Telehealth allows you to schedule an appointment with a physician around the demands of your own schedule, so you don’t have to worry about difficult scenarios, such as trying to arrange an appoint while also dealing with work.

You can also turn to online doctor chat sessions when you wish to get a second opinion regarding an issue. There’s no need to wait for your doctor’s office to take time to make arrangements with another physician in order to hear another opinion. Consider seeking the guidance of another physician – in fact, we encourage it as a prudent step to take when you don’t feel that all of your questions have been fully addressed.

Cost-effective Care

A telehealth service provider avoids a lot of the typical costs of running a doctor’s office by offering help over the Internet. By not having to pay rent for a space and extra staff members to handle appointments, the online doctors who work through us avoid many of the numerous expenses that have frequently driven up the price of healthcare in recent decades. Because the doctors who work with us are board-certified, they’re also able, in many instances, to help you get prescriptions online.

An Online Doctor Visit will Improve Health Care Access


The key to keeping a minor health problem from turning into a serious issue is often as simple as having the chance to ask a doctor about it as soon as possible. Telemedicine systems have been used for decades to provide help for individuals who live in extremely rural areas and far-flung parts of the globe. With the increasing reliability of high-speed Internet access, however, telehealth is becoming a very popular choice for people who live in a variety of more traditional situations.

A single parent may not have time to deal with work and the needs of their children while trying to also make arrangements to visit a physician. In such a situation, the simplest solution may be an online doctor chat consultation or conduct a medical evaluation by video. In many cases, if all you’re trying to do is dealing with something like a child’s chronic cough, the doctors we work with can even help you get prescriptions online.

Individuals who aren’t up to the rigors of travel can also benefit from seeking assistance through telemedicine. This can lead to a significant reduction in stress for those patients. A person with limited mobility, instead of being loaded into a van and helped into a hospital or doctor’s office, simply request an online doctor chat consultation that can answer whole array of questions. Since we offer access to a number of physicians, you can also quickly find someone whose knowledge and personality feel like a good fit for your circumstances.

Find Out More

The demand for access to telemedicine is growing, patients can reduce their out-of-pocket expenses, and also get a speedy response for all of their medical questions. Talk to a doctor online at Online Doctor Visit today, knowledgeable online doctors are ready to chat about your medical questions securely, confidentially, and provide the support that you seek.